Our purpose

Cogs exists to help clients build creative in-house capabilities that deliver value for the brand. The reason we do this is because we are convinced that bringing creativity and business operations closer is the way forward in a marketing landscape that is undergoing profound change.

First of all, due to digitalization on all fronts, communication work needs to be faster, better and more flexible than the old lead agency model offers. The creative direction and ownership has to be handled in-house. Secondly, creating communication has been democratized. Today, all brands have access to the tools and the data needed to produce and publish great content.  Which also means that they can compete for great talent. 

But to seize the opportunities, and to be competitive as a brand and as an employer, you need to build a creative-friendly environment. And a culture where ideas can come to life and your teams thrive. Of course, that’s quite a challenge. But that’s why we’re here. 

By offering our knowledge acquired through years of working in and leading creative teams and organisations, we enable you to take a stronger creative ownership and improve your business performance today. Either as a partner for developing your creative management, a creative partner in production or as a partner for finding and insourcing talent.


Our story

Cogs Creative was founded by Anna Romson and Magnus Engström, senior creatives and creative directors with experience from major advertising agencies and from teaching and coaching creatives at Berghs School of Communication.

When working together with a client that decided to move all production in-house as early as 2010, Magnus and Anna found that they shared values and ideas on how to develop a new kind of creative partnership for clients that want – and need! – to build a stronger creative ownership in-house, but still want the advantages of bringing in an outside perspective and extra resources from time to time.

They had also experienced the opportunities and advantages of being on the inside and getting an access to stakeholders and data that external agencies seldom get. And in 2014 they decided to use their experience of creative direction and coaching, and their network from the agency side, to help clients develop their own creative capabilities. 

Since Cogs Creative started, in-housing creativity have gone from a trend to a way of competing for market shares, and the business has been constantly developing to fit new needs. Today, Cogs Creative are made up of two parts.

Senior consultants (former agency creative directors with 15+ years of experience from leading creatives and creative organizations, both in-house and agency-side, many are also teachers) that cog into our clients organisations as advisors to creative management, as creative directors for existing teams or as creative leads for our teams. 

A talent pool of 300+ specialists that are used when appointing members for our teams, or when helping clients find the right staff for short and long term assignments.