Turn the inhouse agency into the heart of the brand and establish the Creative Director position.

By taking on an interim position as Creative Director at Tele2, we helped the agency manager to build trust for the creative hub – enabling Tele2 to bring more conceptual work in-house.

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The scope of work included – apart from daily coaching of creatives and input on creative work – close collaboration with brand managers and internal clients to create better conditions for the in-house agency, for example with a better brief culture and picking the right challenges at the right time.

Together with the in-house management team we also re-organized the team and made time for creatives to build confidence and work on pro-active assignments. Moreover, we helped with recruitments, coached external partners to better ways of collaborating with in-house and established routines for common Creative Reviews where both internal clients and creatives together have the chance to evaluate work.

“It’s easy to get too eager when you build something new. To have Cogs onboard from the start, to help us set a solid foundation, was key to building our creative hub.”

Cecilia Steenberg Forsberg, former
Head of Agency Tele2

Create a “copy-on-demand” service that can handle both quick support and larger scopes of work.

Four senior copywriters were grouped together in a virtual team lead by a senior Creative Lead from Cogs Creative.

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The copy hub is not promised any work from the client, which means that they don’t commit to take on jobs if they are busy – but the number of writers ensures that an experienced and skilled copywriter is available at all times. The assignments vary from quick production needs to larger projects together with client teams. If the workload is too big for one person to meet a deadline, the copywriters work in pair.

To be as efficient as possible the team of writers got a short on boarding regarding the brand by a planner from the client, and then we adapted a ”learn as we go”-process where the team help and coach each other by sharing knowledge they catch on in their different projects. The Creative lead is involved in all new assignments – but once a copywriter is connected to a team on a business unit they have a direct dialogue. However, the Creative Lead is always available as a sounding board if needed.

Finally, the Creative Lead gathers feedback from the writers and returns it to the client – which helps the client improve processes and ways of working.

“We have a constant need for copywriters. But we don’t always know when and how much help we need. We just know when we miss it”

Account Manager, H&M