Creative Teams

Learning by doing

The best way to take more creative ownership in house is to upskill and invest in your team, and build trust by delivering great work. This is no secret. But neither is the fact that many companies lack resources to take on projects that demand a more elaborate creative process, like a new communication concept or critical campaigns.

Therefore projects that could be used to show and expand creative capabilities are outsourced to agencies – with no benefit for the internal development. Our proposed solution to this challenge, that both develops the capabilities of your team and secures the quality of the delivery, is to insource a tailored team from Cogs Creative with the competences needed. Either for a period of time or for a specific project.

By sharing work and connecting the inhouse knowledge of the brand with the outside perspective and experience of our team, we not only create success cases that make it easier to advocate for increased resources – we also transfer knowledge that keeps evolving your team over time.

For example, we can help you by:

  • Communication concepts and frameworks
  • Setting up remote creative hubs, for workload peaks
  • Brand identity projects
  • Packaging design
  • Campaign projects
  • Guideline production
  • Content production
  • Extra support during transition phases
  • Assisting junior teams in concept development